Lorazz – Persona Non Grata

Lorazz – Persona Non Grata

Lorazz – Persona Non Grata (Techno, Melodic, Deep, Progressive, DJSET, Mix)

One last Set for 2022 🙂

Them tunes:
01.) Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin – Atlas (Shall Ocin & ARTBAT Remix)
02.) Brian Kuhn – Metamorphosis
03.) Pelace – Echoes From The Past (Sasha Carassi Remix)
04.) Amir Telem – Justice
05.) Donna Marie – Gone
06.) Incláme – Eros (Original)
07.) The Advocate – Just Love
08.) ISAAG – Ofiuco
09.) Jickow – Sprezzatura
10.) Moszq – Mega
11.) FiNE – Check Mate
13.) Ras Algethi – Flashing Lights
14.) Tinlicker & Panama – Fade Into Black
15.) Wailey – My Space (Original Mix)
16.) Romina & Franck Dona – No Education (Tone Depth Remix)
17.) ? I R T H Q U ? K E – Between Us
18.) Pandhora, Rasi Z – Biggie Lights
19.) Transhumansim – Innellea
20.) Monolink – Under Dark (Innellea Remix)
21.) Intervalo – Byond (S.A.S Remix)
22.) Indifferent Guy, ODYSSAY – Horizon (Monastetiq Remix)

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